Friday, February 10, 2012

Stay with me, My love..

Finally, I have time to post the latest drama that I've watch.. This story is a drama, the drama is not finished yet, I just watch about 4th episode but I think this drama will be great stories.


This drama is about a young single mother, Mi Sol. She gets embroiled in a love triangle with the father of her child, Suk Bin and her newfound love, So Ryong.

Best friends since young, Mi Sol and Suk Bin find soul mates in each other as they both face much pressure from their mothers. One night, they end up spending the night together and Mi Sol becomes pregnant. Upon realizing that Mi Sol is pregnant, Suk Bin flees to America to further his studies with instructions from his mother. Despite being a student, Mi Sol decides to have the baby herself. Her mother decides to raise Mi Sol’s son as her brother.

Many years later, her life takes a turn and she meets So Ryong, the perfect man in everyone’s eyes, and they start to take an interest in each another. Suk Bin returns from America, unaware that his childhood love, Mi Sol, actually gave birth to their child. A love triangle around the three unfolds.

Main Characters : 

Lee Jae-Yoon as Lee So-Ryong
Ohn Joo-Wan as Ko Suk-bin

Lee So-Yeon as Do Mi Sol

Scene : 

Trailer : 


사랑하고 있어요 - Tae Ha

너만보여 - 마야 (Maya)

01 난 사랑 - 이동윤
02 사랑하고 있어요 - 태하
03 너만 보여 - 마야

하루를 살지라도 - Beige (베이지)

한 여자가 - Kim Hyun Joong (김현중 - M.A.C)



  1. Replies
    1. one of the best k-dramas. Lee so yeon is always great in acting.

  2. So ryong is so him in this drama...:) im happy that he ended up with mi sol..:)

  3. so ryong so cute!

  4. Ada torrent atau link buat download ga??
    Pengen nonton tapi ga punya parabola ke sat Optus (SBS)

  5. mana nak tgk last episod?